‘They Are So Comfortable!’ – Newcastle Winger Kenedy Reveals Rafa Benitez Always Laughs At Him About His Tiny Socks

Chris Wright

3rd, October 2018

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Newcastle winger Kenedy has revealed that a certain item of his kit has become a source of great amusement to Rafa Benitez.

According to the Brazilian, his manager is constantly ribbing him about his “tiny socks” – which is a couple of errant letters away from being a different story entirely.

Speaking in the latest issue of FourFourTwo magazine, Kenedy was asked about his penchant for wearing dainty little shinpads and his socks at half-mast:

I like them! It’s as if I’m wearing normal socks, you know?

They make me feel lighter and are so comfortable. On the pitch, I almost feel like I’m levitating. But other people do find it weird, I admit. None of them realise it’s their socks that are a bit weird, not mine!

My teammates often look at me and can’t believe how I wear them. I do worry about injuries, but I wouldn’t say it’s more dangerous because of my tiny socks. Rafa’s never said anything about that – he just looks at the socks and laughs…

Other than looking like they offer precisely zero protection, Pies don’t have much of an issue with the mini-sock/pad fad.

That said, it is a little strange that a young lad from Minas Gerais should grow up idolising Steve Claridge…

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