Should Dean Ashton take Michael Owen’s place in the England side?


25th, September 2007


AshtonEng205.jpgWith the boy made from glass, Michael Owen, seeing a specialist about his brittle bones, the Newcastle United striker going to miss England’s crucial Euro 2008 qualifiers against Estonia and Russia next month. It’s a damn shame as he looked like he might be returning to form with some decent goals in recent weeks.
So with Little Mickey out, and Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey out with a fractured foot, Steve McClaren is having to look elsewhere. The press are all looking toward West Ham’s Dean Ashton, recently back after a year on the sidelines with a broken ankle. However, scoring two in two, is Ashton the right man for the job?

Ashton said “It’s down to Steve McClaren but obviously I’d be delighted to be selected. I feel I’m ready for an England call-up. It would be lovely to finally realise my dream of winning a first England cap. It’s massively exciting to be back, though; I really appreciate every minute I play now. I’m feeling very good at the moment. I feel I’m 100% fit.”
If England want an old fashioned striker, then Ashton could fit the role perfectly. Ashton added “Emile Heskey was outstanding for England against Israel and Russia, so hopefully that shows there is room for a big guy up front.”
However, Peter Crouch is surely above Ashton in the pecking order, as is Wayne Rooney who are more likely to figure. However, we all think we know better than McClaren, so who would you pair up top? Would you take a gamble on Ashton? Would you go for experience? Or would you pick someone entirely different?

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  1. Tommy says:

    yep, hes the man for the job.

  2. Kipp says:

    Well thats a good ratio but defoe has 2 in none

  3. Chringle says:

    The state of english forwards is appalling. There are so few to choose from and those that exist are pretty shocking. Ashton, Johnson, Bent et al, should never in a month of Sundays be considered international standard.
    Thinking about it makes me want to cry.

  4. tentonipete says:

    yes, definitely. he was before he got injured and he has come back strongly. he’s the big man england have been looking for sheeringham retired. noone since has has been able to combine skill, awareness and physical presence.

  5. Andrew II says:

    Definately not. Rooney and Ashton, as a partnership will not work. Ashton, like Crouch, isn’t a traditional English target-man. He likes to come deep and look for the ball. Rooney likes to do the same, which leaves us nothing in behind.
    The key to getting the best out of someone like Rooney, is to stretch defenses, giving him space. Ashton wont do that.

  6. gamble says:

    How is ashton not international standard? You cant expect a team of rooneys. He’s a class player. His hair is fucking shocking though.