Video: Steven Taylor is zany, charismatic and smart

Ollie Irish

7th, July 2009


If you can’t sleep, watch this video:

Either Taylor is so thick and humourless he doesn’t even know what a sitcom is (unless he mishears the question, in which case he’s still thick and humourless); nor does he have any concept of the phrase ‘guilty pleasure’. Jesus Christ on a bicycle.
When the Newcastle defender is prompted to name a sitcom, he parrots the interviewer and answers ‘Only Fools and Horses’ – of course, this is the stock answer that all English footballers give to that question, because footballers have very little imagination. In Taylor’s case, zero imagination – he likes Ronan Keating, for feck’s sake.
Just as well Taylor didn’t have to say what his favourite book is. That would have been embarrassing (‘What’s that then?’); almost as embarrassing as Taylor equating Newcastle’s relegation with the end of the world. Or admitting that Dumb and Dumber is your favourite film.
Did I say humourless? Sorry Steven, for a moment I forgot about this… 

I take it all back.

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  1. kazimkazim says:

    I really do not understand the growing popularity of personal criticism of many footballers. Surely they are paid to be atheletes not exciting personalities? Sure, Taylor is hardly a livewire in this interview (which he did, even though he would probably have rather not have), and maybe he is “thick” with “zero imagination” – in which case he’s done rather well to have secured a job earning as much as he undoubtedly does. Why not criticise his very medicore performances on the pitch, rather than off it?

  2. Ollie says:

    Come on Kazim, it’s the silly season. When Taylor is back playing football, then I’ll criticise his play, if necessary. Relaaaaax.

  3. mizman says:

    shut up Kazim. Steven taylor is clearly a sad, boring person regardless of whether he is a footballer or not

  4. woodlebert says:

    hes actually fairly funny, really dry wit.
    “cant sing throats a bit off”
    “i make a cracking pot noodle”

  5. jared says:

    What’s wrong with Dumb and Dumber?

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