‘He Spent More Time In His £3.5m Helicopter’ – Newcastle Hit Back Over Michael Owen’s ‘Poor Team’ Jibe

By Chris Wright

As you may be aware, wee Michael Owen metaphorically defecated in the Tyne, giggled as he shoved a bottle of room-temperature Newky Broon up Malcolm Macdonald’s aris and then emptied his bladder all over Geoff from Byker Grove’s face by having the gall to brand the vintage 2005-09 era Newcastle side (think Bramble and Viana through to Luque, Cacapa, Rozenhal, Ramage, Xisco etc, etc…) as being a ‘poor team’ on his Twitter account…

By process of deduction, we assume he means Newcastle anyway.

Unsurprisingly, Owen’s little barb hasn’t been greeted particularly warmly by those of a Geordie persuasion, with current Toon chairman Derek Llambias letting him know exactly how fondly he regards the striker’s tenure at the club in this morning’s Daily Express:

“Michael is the most expensive signing Newcastle has ever made and I’m disappointed with his comments.

“Under Kevin Keegan’s management he was offered a one-year extension at £140,000 a week which he did not take. He was already on £133,000 a week.

“Quite honestly, what did Newcastle United get out of it? His time here cost £40-odd million, about £1.3m per goal.”

Former co-owner Freddy Shepherd (the man that sanctioned the signing of Owen from Real Madrid in the summer of 2005) also waded in with his five-penneth in hand, also telling the Express:

“We might have been a poor team, but we made him a rich man. It works out at around £500,000 for every game in a Newcastle shirt. Poor? Well, he wasn’t poorer for it.

“He spent more time ferrying between Cheshire and Tyneside in his £3.5m helicopter.”

I believe that’s what the youth of today would call a ‘burn’ while snapping their fingers like Arthritis patients and waddling around with their trousers pulled down around their thighs to expose their George at Asda boxer shorts.

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  1. jamie says:

    so who are the idiots for paying him £133,000 a week and giving him a £3.5m helicopter? typical newcastle thinking they’re a big club and getting it all so wrong.

  2. peterpockets says:

    Newcastle didn’t give him a helicopter you loon.
    He was club captain of our proud club and certainly never lived up to his billing or his extortionate salary, looked lively when paired with Shearer but lost interest when big Al retired. He’ll tell you he always gave his all when fit/selected but it was blatantly evident he didn’t give a hoot, stood around like a tin of milk waiting for a pass to land on his toe end. He captained that relegation side and left along with several other overpaid primadonnas when they took us down. Same squad got us back up and survived comfortably last season. The difference? An inspirational club captain and players who care about NUFC. If Old Trafford wasn’t as near to his Cheshire bolt hole and his beloved horsies he’d be off from there too. He’s a phoney.

  3. Chris T says:

    @ Chris Wright,

    I know it garners a great deal more hits and comments to bash Newcastle, but the whole point of everyone being so up in arms was the comment “every game for a poor team”, he never played every game, he barely played due to his bloody injures so how the hell would he know?
    Yes the team was shit, something that was meant to be fixed with signings like Owen, except he rarely played and when he did, he couldn’t give a shit.

  4. Kev says:

    “newcastle thinking they’re a big club” another pathetic attempt at a jibe from an obvious retard.

    As for Owen he falls in the same bracket as the above idiot, loser.

  5. DA says:

    I assumed he was having a go at Liverpool as they are the only team he played regularly for – he only managed to drag himself onto the pitch for around 1 in 3 games for Newcastle. Also, surely by definition a poor team is made up of poor players, INCLUDING the club captain who should be motivating the others and playing by example…

  6. kahhoe says:

    he’s born to be a traitor! i forget that Newcastle saved him from hell! we chinese says that this kind of people should be drown! useless attitude people like this traitor cant forgive! i hope he will get killed by newcastle fans! very hopeful! come on newcastle fan, you can do it! Lou Lik Tit!

  7. kahhoe says:

    i dont think so he had a go at liverpool coz liverpool build him up! he dont dare to do this even liverpool fans fuck him off!

  8. Rich says:

    @peterpockets lol you make me laugh and @kev that it you keegan?

  9. fergiemanutd says:

    i regret signed him one more year! nevermind, i will drop him to reserved and no chance he making to first team! c yah, Owen! you sure die!

  10. JP...from The Rock says:

    jamie – We were unfortunate at him getting injured all season while playing for England!! Then when he’s finally fit he just walks around making Ameobi look World Class! The guy is a brat and a gold digger. It seems Newcastle are not the only ones that fell to his trap Man U have done it too. He’s only played 10 games this past year and only 1 start. Yet he ‘proudly’ collects his ‘winners medal’!! lol a complete shambles and the brat is mocking football clubs. Man U are even dumber to offer that lazy twat a 1 year extension to warm the bench for at least 100k a week.

    Owen makes me sick!!

  11. Ross says:

    Michael Owen only played a handful of games for Newcastle during his stint on Tyneside, albeit a poor team non the less. He did however play almost an entire season with (a poor) Madrid…would be great to get some clarification from him to know which club he was knocking, but that isn’t going to happen.

    With regards to wages…NUFC were crazy to give him 140k pw for sitting on the treatment table, but then again, if I was offered that to do S.F.A then I wouldn’t turn it down.

    Previous comment – are NUFC a big club? Well it all depends on your perception of a big club….

    NUFC averaged a home attendance of 47720 last season, only bettered by Man Utd and Arsenal.

    Historically – The Magic of the cup
    NUFC have won the FA Cup 6 times in their history (the same as Chelsea) and managed to appear as finalists 13 times (again only bettered by Man Utd 18 and Arsenal 17).

    Champions League – NUFC are one of 8 English teams to compete in the Champions League, no silverware but only 2 of the other 7 teams have actually won the cup.

    Silverware – F*ck all in my lifetime (apart from the Championship) and nothing on the horizon. Ultimately, in my opinion, a big club is judged by how successful they are on the pitch, can’t see NUFC breaking the monopoly of the Premier League now, missed their chance years ago.

    Anyway – rant over, back to work….if only I was being paid to sit and rant like Owen!

  12. Rich says:

    wait are people being serious here, people gave owen shit when he was at Newcastle and then you’re surprised he left?? and why is it his fault if newcastle wanted to pay him ridiculous amounts of money, im sure none of us here would complain

    just because his style of play isn’t running around like a headless chicken you have a go, he scored more than one every two games before his massive injury and still had a decent average after, and newcastle didn’t get relegated because of him, they went down due to shite management

  13. horsey says:

    Surely the one year extension was all about the horses not about football?

  14. Audq says:

    Owen is one thing, scum.

    Look at his history. Left Liverpoool ( a huge team, great history) for the money of Madrid. After being told he wasn’t good enough for Madrid he left for the money of Newcastle.

    A traitorous, low moraled, boy who’ll always be remembered for turning his back on all the clubs who respected, even adored him, for money.

    I for one hopes he loses every penny and then has to find out the struggle of the common man who lined his pockets and showered praise on him.

    Hang your head little man, your an embarressment to your parents.

  15. pterodactyl says:

    “Look at his history. Left Liverpoool ( a huge team, great history) for the money of Madrid.”

    The same year that ended with Liverpool winning the Champions League. Karmic justice!!

  16. sukrut says:

    m a utd fan but this guy is crap, pure crap.
    y in gods name were newcastle paying him that much money?
    this guy has got a years extension at my club but i hope he doesnt even get a match..

  17. Bruno says:

    It was not Owen’s fault. Newcastle payed lots of money to a player they knew was injury prone. And the team was really shit so stop bitching about it… Owen at his peak was maybe the best striker England ever had and he can still score some very important goals. He’s got a great deal at United for him and for United. Pay-as-you-play (score) is what’s fair for both parts and I prefer Michael Owen to get the ball in the box in a big game rather than Berba, Van Persie, Torres and these guys. If you got good players around him he’s the man to get a goal when you need it most.

  18. The Yank says:

    I can’t believe he signed on with United for another year. He’s had some good moments and scored some good goals, but its time to move on. Give the kids a run out at the very least, but get this caretaker to the Throne of Number 7 out first. He’s finished, done, kaput. I’m sure some MLS team would love to pay decently for another aging star.

  19. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    i will tortured him by not playing him and give him a hairdryer treatment! c ya owen!

  20. Jack Flash says:

    The last sentence is just brilliant.

  21. Redskywalker says:

    I thought Newcastle finished in europe during that time? That Mexican guy scored that free-kick against Liverpool remember? They even made a movie about it.

    Btw the last sentence was brilliant.

  22. kopred says:

    To think he used to be our pride and glory in Anfield. He’s slipped so far, become a wanker, and gets rewarded with a champion’s medal before Stevie G. Disgrace.

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