Newcastle United rename St James’ Park the @ St James’ Park

Ollie Irish

4th, November 2009



A warm Geordie welcome to the @ St James’ Park Stadium!

No, this is not a joke.

Holy crap, could Newcastle come up with a less clunky new name than that!? Horrible.

The Magpies’ managing director, Derek Llambias, told BBC Newcastle: “We will showcase Sports Direct until the end of the season… [But] I’m sure we’re going to get a sponsor in for next season.”

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  1. danny-boy says:

    where’s the money then? if he’s putting his companies name on the park he needs to fill the coffers with his companies money, so far he’s paid £20m in to cover “running costs” – that’s his duty as owner, but if he’s using the club ground to advertise his carbootsale of a shop, pay up chubby!!

  2. bb says:

    never mind pay up …..just go Ashley you are not wanted here and we are sick and tired of all your gimmicks and false promises.

    We are proud of our club and its heitage its not for people to play with but to protect and hand down to the next generation. Your short term soundbites and lack of communication and understanding of the club only serve to show that you are not fit to run it.

    We may not be able to stop you from owning it but please put someone in place to run it the right way, protect your investment and step back from the limelight until its sold.

    Just have a bit of respect and show some dignity……please.

  3. Simon says:

    Newcastle fans amuse me. You never direct efforts anywhere else other than attacking your own team or a part of it, or celebrating the complete failure of your club like you have some kind of “history” or “heritage”. You don’t, get used to it. Compared to clubs even like Notts Forest or Leeds, you are nothing.

  4. David Allison says:

    Simon, I must question your knowledge of our recent or, indeed, our long-running history. We’ve had little to get excited about in recent times, so is it any wonder there’s been a backlash from fans. Futhermore, since 1870 Newcastle have won 13 domestic and european trophies , Forest 11 and Leeds 9; in what way respect does that make us “nothing in comparison” and “a complete failure”. Next time you post on here, or anywhere else, pop on your thinking cap before spouting utter bollocks.

  5. ftm says:

    inter city fairs cup not even reconised by uefa ,inter toto yer havin a laugh

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