BREAKING: Premier League Referees To Use Freekick Vanishing Spray This Coming Season

Chris Wright

30th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Steady yourselves, this is a biggy…

Told you!

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  1. Fnarf says:

    And every can must be purchased by the FA from Michel Platini’s brother for £500 a can…..

  2. Franf says:

    White spray paint should be used so that pot-game all the places can be seen where diving took place.

    Otherwise, what a stupid fucking idea. It is sure to ruin the game.

  3. maria says:

    So basically they are saying to the players ‘you lot cheat so much and can’t be trusted to obey the rules and stand 10 yards away so now we’ll have to use this spray to force you to simply play fair’.

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