Merry Non-Denominational, All-Inclusive, Winter Festival Holiday Wishes From Pies!

Chris Wright

24th, December 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Peter Shilton

Blimey! It’s that time of year again when we take a moment to congratulate you all in your flawless taste in independent football blogs and wish all of the Pies faithful (you knows we loves ya baby!) a very merry Christmas/non-denominational winter holiday festival period.

Myself and Alan will be taking a few days out to recharge over Christmas so Pies will be on a low light for a while, but we’ll be back in the saddle before you know it – just try to keep yourselves entertained in the meantime.

Y’all have a cracking Christmas, and for those of you observing Festivus this year, may all your grievances be aired; your feats of strength be mighty and your aluminium poles retain their high strength-to-weight ratios.


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  1. Gabe says:

    Merry Christmas, Pies! Thank you for all the effort in making me smile with your articles every day. Keep on going!

  2. fouldsy says:

    merry christmas chaps!

  3. Tokyo Sexwale says:

    Merry Christmas to all, and thanks to Pies for being the best site on the web!

  4. Dan says:

    Best Seinfeld episode. Thanks for everything, Pies!

  5. Rob says:

    Merry Everything to all at Pies,
    this is one of the first websites I go to every morning and one of the best.
    enjoy yourselves this holiday season

  6. NewOrleansReferee says:

    Merry Christmas, guys. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and entertained throughout the year. Don’t ever stop!

  7. Jarren says:

    A (very) belated merry Christmas, Pies!

    I was at my wife’s parents over Christmas in the middle of the Quebec snowy wilderness.

    Made the Hawthorns yesterday look like San Tropez…

  8. Geraldo says:

    No matter what you think about Shilt’s modest Christmas tree and associated paraphernalia, you can’t help but admire those slacks…

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