Michel Platini Confirms He Will Stand For FIFA Presidency To ‘Give FIFA Back The Dignity It Deserves’

Chris Wright

29th, July 2015

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By Chris Wright

“You come at the king, you best not miss”

UEFA’s grand poobah Michel Platini has confirmed he plans to stand against Sepp Blatter as a candidate for the FIFA presidency at the magnificently named Extraordinary FIFA Congress in Zurich next February.

In a letter sent to all the heads of FIFA’s 209 member associations, Platini announced his intention to run for president as he feels he is the man to give the organisation back the “dignity and position it deserves”.

As per UEFA.org, Platini’s letter reads:

“This was a very personal, carefully considered decision, one in which I weighed up the future of football alongside my own future. I was also guided by the esteem, support and encouragement that many of you have shown me.”

“There are times in life when you have to take your destiny into your own hands. I am at one of those decisive moments, at a juncture in my life and in events that are shaping the future of FIFA.”

“During this last half-century or so, FIFA has only had two presidents. This extreme stability is something of a paradox in a world that has experienced radical upheavals and in a sport that has undergone considerable economic change.

“However, recent events force the supreme governing body of world football to turn over a new leaf and rethink its governance.”

Platini also highlighted his aspiration to unite world football by bringing the continental confederations together and offering all national associations a common cause – “listening to everyone and respecting the diversity of the game around the world.”

He said he was standing as a candidate “with enthusiasm and conviction, but also with the humility of someone who knows that he cannot succeed on his own.”

“I am counting on your support and our common love of football so that, together, we can give the tens of millions of football fans the FIFA that they want: a FIFA that is exemplary, united and shows solidarity, a FIFA that is respected, liked and of the people.”

Platini is expected to formally submit his candidature on or before 26th October 2015 with the actual election taking place the following February.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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  1. Gazz says:

    Glad someone pointed that out.
    Platini has been in his current role for quite a while and I have never seen him talk about the well known corruption at FIFA. I think we should just go full corrupt and get that Chuck Blazer guy in at least he is funny

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