Annual FIFA vs UEFA Staff Match Cancelled After Criminal Proceedings Opened Against Sepp Blatter

Chris Wright

1st, October 2015



It’s with a heavy heart that we’re forced to announce this year’s FIFA vs UEFA staff match has been cancelled due to lack of interest alleged widespread executive-level corruption.

According to the Beeb, the annual staff match has been nixed after the Swiss Attorney General opened criminal proceedings against FIFA president Sepp Blatter on Monday.

Blatter stands accused of criminal mismanagement, including the piffling matter of a “disloyal payment” of £1.6million supposedly made to his UEFA counterpart, Michel Platini. For the record, both men deny any wrongdoing.

Blatter was scheduled to be in attendance at the inter-organisation match on Friday, which takes place every year at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon.

However, FIFA have since announced that this year’s fixture has been cancelled, though strangely they refrained from giving a specific reason.

In a joint decision it was agreed to postpone the Uefa-Fifa Challenge 2015 until further notice.

Damn shame. It’s always the little people that suffer the most.

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  1. Cameroon Diaz says:

    They always fix it anyway.

  2. corruptwankers says:

    Didn’t Qatar just win the rights to host this game next weekend? Should be a good one – I just read some punter (a Mr Bepp Slatter or something) put £50,000 on a 3-all draw at 50/1. He’s gonna be quids in on the off-chance that result somehow manages to happen…

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