Vladimir Putin States For The Record (Once Again) That Sepp Blatter Should Win Nobel Peace Prize

Chris Wright

17th, December 2015

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Sepp + Vlad 4 eva

As Sepp Blatter continues to stand trial in the very ethics court he created, one of his long-time allies has once again reared his head to blow smoke up the deposed FIFA president’s bung-hole.

Speaking in defence of his friend during a press conference in Moscow today, Vladimir Putin stated for the record that he believes Blatter should receive a Nobel Peace Prize, presumably for his tireless work in the ‘flagrant self-interest’ sector.

Repeating a line he first trotted out in July, Putin was keen to stress that the world should be grateful for all Saint Sepp has done for us.

Blatter is a very respected person. He has done a lot to develop world football.

We should give him the Nobel peace prize.

First being named “Swiss Person of the Year” by a prominent newspaper and now receiving a Nobel Prize endorsement from perhaps the only person left in Europe who considers Blatter to be perfectly morally upstanding and just.

This has been quite a day for Ol’ Sepp.

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1 Comment

  1. Jeremia says:

    Putin didn’t say anything about Blatter being “perfectly morally upstanding and just”, he just says he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. That has nothing to do with morality, even a terrorist such as Mandela got it. And say what you want, Blatter did a fairly good job promoting football in Africa and Asia, even though we in Europe would probably be better off if he didn’t (vide: 2002 and 2010 WCs).

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