Edgar Davids Missed Barnet’s League Game Against Gateshead To Visit The Playboy Mansion

Chris Wright

19th, September 2013


By Chris Wright


According to the Daily Mail, Barnet player-manager Edgar Davids missed the club’s Conference game away against Gateshead last month because he was in Los Angeles visiting the Playboy Mansion.

Yep, for some reason spending his Saturday night at a party in Hugh Hefner’s grotto appealed more to our Edgar than an eight-hour, 520-mile round bus trip to the Gateshead International Stadium.

Davids, who is apparently not getting paid for his role at Barnet this season after failing to keep them in the Football League last time out, was also missing from the bench for the club’s trip to Halifax earlier this month as, according to owner Tony Kleanthous, the Dutchman doesn’t mind traveling with The Bees, “just not to the North”.

Well, that’s that sorted out then.

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  1. Tom the bees fan says:

    and why would he!
    its grim up north! lol

    edgar davids Barnet Legend

  2. Al says:

    Cause he’s fucking Edgar Davids, thats why

  3. Joe says:

    and why would he!

    it’s grim everywhere compared to the Playboy mansion!

    edgar davids lost in football.

    Bit of a shame he picked the Gateshead fixture though, seeing as he would’ve been only a river’s width from England’s finest display of fake beauty and loose morals, the likes of which would make even Heff blush.

  4. Mustapha says:

    Very unprofessional.

  5. Aiden says:

    I’m still stuck on the fact Gateshead has an International Stadium. WTF?

  6. Tom the bees fan says:

    and by the way the stories untrue the mail have had to take it down of there website. he visited the playboy mansion before the start of the season not during. he didn’t turn up because he was in holland.

    still a legand though

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