‘The Secretary Thought I Was Taking The P*ss’ – Non-League Club Bradley Stoke Town FC Sign Player With Extremely Appropriate Name

Chris Wright

7th, November 2018


Non-league Bradley Stoke Town FC have a new centre-back and, frankly, he couldn’t be more aptly named.

That’s because the latest addition to the Bristol and District Lleague team’s backline is none other than Bradley Stokes.

Having just graduated from Bristol University, Stokes fancied getting back into Sunday league football and, after consulting a map of the local area, decided to offer his services to his namesake team.

Describing the precise order of events to the Bristol Post, Stokes explained how all this came about:

I knew there was an area called Bradley Stoke, so I googled it to see if they had a football team because I thought that would be cool.

Stokes then went along to watch a reserve game, but club officials failed to take him seriously once the name issue was brought up.

He (the Bradley Stoke Town secretary) thought I was taking the p*ss, and asked to see my ID before filling in the signing on forms.

There was a similar reaction when Stokes introduced himself to his new teammates for the first time.

Most of them just started laughing at me to be honest, they couldn’t believe it. I suppose it is a bit weird.

Thankfully, Stokes has since settled in famously and has even scored five goals as Town have climbed to fourth place in the league.

Pies have wracked our brains trying to think of professional footballers who shared a name with the club they played for (however tenuously) and honestly we can’t think of one.

Anybody out there got any decent shouts?