Plymouth Argyle Crisis – Winding-Up Order Adjourned Until February 2011

Ollie Irish

8th, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Hard times at Home Park, and I’m not just talking about having to endure Peter Reid as a manager – as a Plymothian (albeit a Plymothian with a love for Tottenham Hotspur in his heart, and a mere fondness for the Pilgrims) it really pains me to say that. England’s abject failure to win the 2018 World Cup bid has really hurt the club (and the city), as Plymouth was one of the 12 prospective host cities.

At least Argyle have received a stay of execution after the winding-up petition against them in the High Court was adjourned until February 9 of next year.

Argyle had been served the petition by the lovely folks at HMRC after failing to stump up around £780,000 in unpaid tax; the club’s staff have not been paid in November.

If the club can attract new investors, administration and a 10-point penalty may yet be avoided.

A club statement said: “The board and its advisors are continuing to work through a number of potential answers in order to put the club on a sound financial footing.

“We are advised not to make any further comment at this time. When we have anything more to say we will advise you.”

It’s been said before, but Argyle is a cracking club with great potential to grow its already decent fanbase, not only in Devon but also across the Tamar in Cornwall (and beyond). Calling all Arabian billionaires, the Green Army (don’t, just don’t) needs you…

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  1. stevepafc says:

    We Shall Never Die. ARGYLE TIL I DIE. Green Army!!!!

  2. It always amazes me that these Billionaire chairmen buy into the “ex-prem” clubs based on.. what exactly? By contrast they could pick Argyle up much cheaper in comparison, and reap the rewards of the oft-talked about potential of the area..

    History has shown that if you bring success to PAFC, then the crowds WILL come – taking 33,000 to Wembley for the Darlo game, selling out the full 9,000 allowance at the Emirates 2 years ago. Never mind forty-odd thousand at Home Park for a friendly against Santos – You’d get that week-in, week-out IF Argyle were playing Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United every other week.

    It’s catch-22 though – It’s not an attractive investment because the crowds are rubbish, and the crowds are rubbish because bugger all is spent putting a decent team together who are capable of winning matches and/or playing decent football.

    Until we get some upward momentum and (this time!) build on that momentum, surviving is the best we can hope for. And after today’s day in court, I’m counting my blessings that we will.

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