Was Nathan Tyson wrong to wave a corner flag after Nottingham Forest’s defeat of Derby?

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2009



A cracking derby between Nottm Forest and Derby County – which Forest won 3-2, their first win against the Rams in more than six years – was spoiled by post-game handbags between both sets of players.

The scrap was apparently triggered by Nathan Tyson’s ill-judged celebration, which involved waving a corner flag as he ran past the section of the City Ground where Derby fans were sat – to be fair to Tyson, that’s different to waving the flag directly at Derby fans.

It’s easy to criticise Tyson and so, football being a game for simple men, he has been criticised. Derby’s Robbie Savage, of all people, has waded in, calling Tyson a “disgrace” and citing the West Ham v Millwall match as evidence that fans are little more than animals that can’t control themselves.

In other words, what the hell was Tyson thinking, engaging in an act of “mindless incitement” (Savage’s words)?
Disgrace is a bit much, clearly. This wasn’t exactly Graeme Souness planting a flag in the centre circle. Tyson was foolish to wave the flag, but let’s leave it at that.

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  1. BlueStu says:

    tyson’s actions were somewhat naive, but not nearly as much as those of the derby players who deemed that the best way of preventing a riot is by starting a fight

  2. Chris says:

    It was no worse than Savage waving a Derby scarf in front of Forest fans last year.
    The amazing thing is the hypocracy of Savage, he claims he only waved in front of his own fans, but youtube shows someone who looks very similar to Savage doing it in front of the Forest fans.
    If the Forest players had jumped in and started fighting last year then the same woul have happened, but they didn’t, they just let Derby get on with their gloating and so call enciting.

  3. Brum Dave says:

    This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. All Tyson did was celebrate at the end of a big game, it happens all the time. Comparisons with West Ham v Millwall are a farce. Savage is strring the whole thing up (for a change) and should shut up! Derby players were at fault if anyone one is by attacking the poor sod.

  4. Chringle says:

    The more I see it the more I think he actually was making his way over to the Forest fans before he was collared. He obviously was doing it in full view of the Derby fans, which was irresponsible considering the timing, but the reaction is out of all proportion because ‘incitement’ is a sensitive topic at the moment.
    Mr Savage has been the proponent of enough stupidity throughout his career for his opinions on anything to be rendered completely redundant.

  5. derby ram says:

    tyson did nothing wrong in my eyes we had it coming after robbie savage waved his scarf all over the forest ground not just to the derby fans like he says,the man has a poor memory,go on mr tyson enjoy while you can,savage shut up and dont bring this kind of publicity to our club we got beat so take your medicine,if you can’t take it dont give it!!!

  6. Dan says:

    Question is wrong, there was no waving, just holding. Is it wrong to hold a flag and run to your own fans across other fans? No not while you are so far on the playing surface!

  7. Dan says:

    Question is wrong, there was no waving, just holding. Is it wrong to hold a flag and run to your own fans across other fans? No not while you are so far on the playing surface!

  8. Anonymous says:

    you really need to look at the bbc footage of the incident, derby’s leacock and mceverly come along side tyson and appear to be talking to him( if they were attacking him why does tyson not react to this provication), it is the three forest players that start the attack, yet again mccleary strikes out and hits leacocks back, (likes to use his hands a lot) and this action starts the hand bag incident.
    yes tyson was foolish to run in front of 4300 derby fans,and he was only doing what he had promised last season and mimicing robbie savages celebrations, the main offender is mccleary who totaly over reacts not once but twice to innocent situations,just watch the bbc footagw on the bbc i player before dishing out the blame.

  9. Dave says:

    Tyson was looking up at the Forest fans in the upper tier. Derby should have left him alone and nothing more would have happened as he made his way around the pitch.
    It appeared that Derby just couldn’t face the face that they’d lost!

  10. Forest Red Dog says:

    Sour grapes from the sheep s******s

  11. fen says:

    what do i have to say….
    LEICESTERSHIRE LA LA LAAAA! to the both of you’s

  12. Adam says:

    The BBC views are very hearily edited to show what they want you to see. Which is not the truth or the facts that happened. Try Youtube if you want ot see who was pushingand throwing punches and headbutts. They are all in White of the Sheep. But with Lily in the thick of it.
    Not only was there that, Savage also tried to pull up and further injury Mckenna during injury time. The guy should be banned from the game for life.

  13. andy houston says:

    robbie savage savage by name and savage by nature that guy needs to get a life hes always blaming every one else he follows the refs around like a lost sheep bleeting about every thing savage do us all a favor retire and look after your new teeth but dont come to nottingham you could loose those new teeth. you reds

  14. sinbad says:

    Robbie s’average,the mans an idiot, so too are the d*rby fans who wet their dads pants when he wafted that horrendous scarf above his despicable haircut at the City ground last season. Surely you dreadful halfwits remember his celebration when he actually scored a goal ( albeit a penalty ) for Leicester against you ?? These are the the facts, you can’t come to the ground that put the East Midlands on the football map (after Brian decided that beastiality wasn’t the way forward ) and start behaving like you are part of an organisation worthy of oxygen, unfortunately for you, stupidly, you did. You cheered, you sang and you probably thought that you, and Judas Clough, along with Judas comm*ns were about to have the last laugh. What you failed to recognize is that Brian came to us for a reason …. We are better than you, we have won more than you and the last time we played you, well, we took the p*ss. Was I worried at 3-2 ??? Don’t be f*cking silly. Nathan Tyson did what he wanted, during and after the game. You will have to live with that for the rest of your ill spent days, and, if you can’t live with it, I’m sure nobody will care. On the bright side, I’m sure that in future no player will dare to start a fight with your big defenders, Tyson looked petrified when he was outnumbered two to one on the back pages of the national papers !!!Night girls XXX

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