Ballon d’Or: 1. Lionel Messi 2. Cristiano Ronaldo 3. Xavi

Ollie Irish

1st, December 2009


The results of this year’s Ballon d’Or are in. As expected, Barcelona players dominated the voting, with three current players and one ex-player in the top five. The greatest of these, and this year’s European Footballer of the Year, is … drum roll … LIONEL MESSI.


No.1, baby

It’s absolutely the right decision, though perhaps there was also a case for the award being given to Barcelona as a whole team, so outstanding were they in the last campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the only non-Barca player to figure in the top five. He came in second in the voting, but with less than half the amount of points (233) as Messi (473). A landslide for the little Argentine, then.

To see who made it into the top 10 (including a couple of English stars), check out our most excellent Ballon d’Or gallery below, featuring some of the best photos of the best players in the world:


Picture 1 of 10


Loving that picture of Messi, btw.

And do you agree with the results? I think Zlatan is a bit too high. Other than that, hard to disagree much.

See the Top 30 @ France Football

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  1. muhammad says:

    it should be cr9 but never mind it has to be him next year

  2. Gooner365 says:

    I agree fully.. Messi is class..
    also like the pic of messi.. funny!!!

  3. Reece says:

    Tbh i don’t agree with the standings, i would say more like this:

    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo
    3. Xavi Hernandez
    4. Andres Iniesta
    5. Fernando Torres
    6. Wayne Rooney
    7. Kaka
    8. Didier Drogba
    9. Francesc Fabregas
    10. Edwin van der Sar

  4. Ollie says:

    @ Reece – interesting list. I think Torres certainly unlucky not to be in top 10. Not sure Cesc merits his place there though. Top 20 maybe.

  5. Peter says:

    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Xavi Hernandez
    3. Andres Iniesta
    4. Pique
    5. Cristiano Ronaldo
    6. Kaka
    7, Fernando Torres
    8. Victor Valdes
    9. Didier Drogba
    10.David Villa

  6. eamogomez says:

    tink iniesta deserves to be at least 2nd well better dan xavi lst year

  7. liam P says:

    i think Zlatan probably creeped up there with his incredible performances for barca this year even if he wasnt so good for Inter. If im honest i agree with the list apart from with Kaka who hasnt shone the same way in the past year.

  8. h4f0n says:

    It’s a shame Piqué isn’t up there in the top 10, he has had such a massive jump in quality since he joined Barça. Considering Cannavaro did so well a few years back, defenders should start making it to the top 10 at least!

  9. Anonymous says:

    ma i miri nga kosova osht messi

  10. sunil7787 says:

    I prefer this order

    2.Andres Iniesta
    3.Xavi Hernandez
    4.Wayne Rooney
    5.Cristiano Ronaldo
    6.Steven Gerrard
    8.Fernando Torres
    9.Frank Riberry
    10.Francesc Fabregas

  11. Anonymous says:

    hate mesi and c.ronaldo

  12. zarlasht says:

    Messi is the best!

  13. bledioni says:

    messi je shum litar i fort

  14. prince says:

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