Juventus Unleash Frightful Halloween Mock-Ups: Pirlo As Joker, Pogba As Darth Maul, Bendtner As Frankenstein, Etc (Photos)

Chris Wright

30th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

As far as we know it all started last year, but Juve’s Halloween mock-ups of their players was so popular that they’ve decided to cook up a fresh batch ahead of All Hallow’s Eve 2013 with, among other, Andrea Pirlo re-imagined as The Joker, Gigi Buffon as Freddy Krueger, Paul Pogba as Darth Maul and Nicklas Bendtner (rather fittingly) as a senseless, borderline-immobile lump of grey flesh…

They’re all pretty great, but little Seb Giovinco as Pinhead is a personal favourite!

P.S. Before anyone gets clever with the whole ‘Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s monster’ thing in the title – we’re fully aware of the mistake. We just don’t care.

Images: Juventus/Facebook