15 Photos Of The Angry Anti-FIFA, Anti-World Cup Protest Graffiti Being Daubed All Over Brazil

By Chris Wright

As with the last host nation into which the parasitic, tax-exempt FIFA bandwagon rolled, an awful lot of Brazilians are irate with their government for pumping millions of dollars into the funding of a show-piece, eight-week World Cup instead of little social luxuries such as schools, hospitals, general demilitarisation, the eradication of violence, drugs and weapons from their streets, etc, etc.

As such, many angry residents have taken to graffiti in an attempt to get their message across, with a wide array of “F*ck FIFA!” messages being daubed across walls all over Brazil in the last several months.

These are but a few of them, as collected by Lunatic News – which, slightly strangely, is a Feyenoord Ultras fanzine…

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04 - hxID0f5

05 - kq10KtY

06 - dfEKNfd

07 - Ma7HodH

08 - BrkcBuq

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11 - XOE575Y

12 - UPqoqDV

13 - 4MAMj3R

Brazil WCup Graffiti

09 - YDvILko

Brazil WCup Soccer Graffiti

The last image sees a street mural featuring Neymar which has been modified to make the Brazil poster child look like a member of the Black Blocs – a Rio-based activist group who have been heavily involved in the ongoing protest movements against the World Cup.

(Photo credit: Hassan Ammar/Press Association Images)