Comedian Simon Brodkin Tries To Sneak Onto England Plane To Miami, Gets Nabbed By Security (Photos)

Alan Duffy

1st, June 2014


By Alan Duffy

Most famed for his Lee Nelson creation, comedian Simon Brodkin caused quite a scene at Luton airport on Sunday afternoon as Roy Hodgson’s England squad prepared to board the plane to Miami.

In the guise of his professional footballer character ‘Jason Bent’, Brodkin, donning an England squad suit and with passport in hand, tried to sidestep security and mingle with the England players, some of whom looked rather confused by the whole affair.

Anyway, Brodkin was eventually hauled off by security as some of the squad eventually got the joke. It’s all BANTZ, eh!

Although arguably if the incident had ended with Brodkin being renditioned to a far flung torture centre before ending up in Guantanamo Bay, there could have been even more LOLZ.

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(Photos: PA)