Craptastic Football Mascot Of The Day: Chaddy The Owl (Oldham Athletic)

Chris Wright

8th, June 2015

By Chris Wright

Looking like something crawling around in the background of a Hieronymus Bosch painting, this is the thing that Oldham Athletic used to try to gee up the crowds at Boundary Park with once upon a time.

His name is Chaddy the Owl, though ‘Chaddy the Hideously Deformed Swivel-Eyed Mutant Bat Creature From Your Deepest, Darkest Nightmares’ might have been a more fitting moniker all things considered…


Don’t be alarmed children, Chaddy is just watching you while you sleep…


Mercifully, Chaddy was given a much-needed overhaul in the early 2000s and is a little more photogenic these days as a result…


He’s also one of the more colourful club mascots in English football, as a quick skim through his Wikipedia entry duly attests…


Many thanks to traumatised Oldham fan Daniel Barrett (@EvilBazz) for the tip-off!

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