Retro Football: Panini Stickers Of All 20 Premier League Managers In Their Playing Days

Paul Sorene

12th, August 2015


Before making it as Premier League managers, the bosses of all 20 top-flight clubs dabbled in actually playing the game a wee bit too.

Thanks to our old chums over at Old School Panini, we can document each Premier League manager’s halcyon days (and terrible old haircuts) via the tried and trusted medium of Panini stickers.

Sun-kissed beach bum Tim Sherwood is a particular favourite…

Premier League Managers Season 2015-16 panini

Elsewhere, Eddie Howe hasn’t changed a bit and Ronald Koeman looks like he escaped from some kind of maximum security research lab.

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  1. pkhakheria says:

    LVG looks like a bully from an 80s movie

  2. Geraldo says:

    In the case of a few of them – Rodgers in particular – saying they played the game “a wee bit” is somewhat of an exaggeration.

  3. Jarren says:

    Amazing! Some odd sights there.

    Koeman looks, well, unique. But what about Pulis? I wouldn’t have even recognised him! Same expression, same face, but with HAIR (well, I think it was giving its goodbyes even at that youthful stage).

    It’s quite hilarious how petrified Garry Monk looks in his!

    “Don’t worry mate, it’s not an x-ray”

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