Edenbridge Bonfire Society To Burn 20ft Sepp Blatter Effigy In Honour Of FIFA President’s Annus Horribilis (Photo)

Chris Wright

4th, November 2015

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For his sins, Sepp Blatter is soon to find himself burnt atop a bonfire in a rural village in Kent – though sadly, not literally.

Okay, that was a little bit harsh but you get the general gist.

Anyway, with Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli both receiving the honour in recent years, Blatter has been selected for sacrifice as the Edenbridge Bonfire Society’s annual celebrity Guy – given to the rogue of the year – on the basis that the suspended FIFA president was the “obvious choice” given the 2015 both he and his organisation have endured.

Created, as ever, by local artist Frank Shepherd, the Blatter Guy is depicted clutching his precious World Cup and his even precious-er FIFA bribe purse.

With the actual bonfire scheduled for Saturday (7th November) evening, the preparations are already in full swing…

“Blatter was the obvious choice really,” Society co-ordinator Charles Laver told the Mirror.

“We did put some thought into who else it could be but he was in the news at the time the decision was made so we went for him.

“We started building it two weeks ago, and we are pleased with the result. We are getting better year after year.”

Hear hear. Brilliant stuff.

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1 Comment

  1. EDub says:

    This is hilarious – if I had $$$, I would make the trip just to watch.

    Livestream, guys!

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