Norway: Tromsdalen Play First Match Of Season With 20ft High Wall Of Snow Encircling Their Pitch (Photos)

Chris Wright

4th, April 2017

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Photo: Obos Ligaen

The 2017 Norwegian Division 1 campaign kicked off in earnest of the weekend, with Tromsdalen playing host to Asane in their very first match of the new season.

The game was played to completion as the home side ran out 2-0 winners – this despite there being a 20-foot high wall of snow around the entire pitch…


Photo: SportsCentre/ESPN/Twitter

Indeed, a special ‘ice cave’ even had to be carved out of the wall to allow players to take corners properly…


Photo: @JaimeFMacias/Twitter

Remarkable, but not nearly as remarkable as the groundwork that obviously went into getting the game on in the first place.

This was how the pitch looked just four days prior to kick-off…

Norway? Yesway!