World Cup Photos: Spain 2–0 Honduras

Paul Sorene

22nd, June 2010


Paul Sorene

SPAIN v Honduras proved that there are easy games in the World Cup – as if any further proof were needed after Portugal sent North Korea’s valiant players back to the demarcation zone ‘Sea of Mines’ with 7-0 thumping. England v Slovenia should be just as straightforward.

If John Terry can channel his ego into strikes on goal, England will run out 9-0 winners.

But we must give some credit to Honduras, or at least their fans. They produced a display of masks not seen since wrestling was last broadcast on ITV’s World of Sport on rainy Saturday afternoons. Gerard Pique continued with his impression of The Mummy. Photos:


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Spain's Garcia Sergio Ramos has a headed attempt on goal

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  1. Wes says:

    9-0 eh? That’s a bit audacious considering their current form don’t you think? And Slovenia isn’t exactly North Korea.

  2. Patrick says:

    that pic of fab yawning while on the bench is so funny its criminal

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