World Cup Photos: Germany Destroy England 4-1

Paul Sorene

27th, June 2010


Paul Sorene

ENGLAND are out of the World Cup. Germany thrashed England. Frank Lampard’s goal was wrongly ruled out. But England let in 4 and scored 1. Okay. Okay. England scored 2. On a brighter note, England ARE better than Slovenia. And what they don’t know about goatherding only the Albanians can teach them…


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An England fan with a threee lions tattoo as supporters begin to arrive in Bloemfontein ahead of their first knock-out game of the 2010 World Cup against Germany in South Africa.

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  1. hammer on says:

    Barry is and always was a fuckin disgrace.
    That said, Germany were, not suprinsingly, much much better.

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  3. LittleLordFuantelroy says:

    this is fun!

  4. toucego says:

    Every Euro or WorldCup is the same story: England will smash all opponents until glorious victory!
    Forget Managers…as once Mourinho said: You cannot do omelette’s without the eggs! So, spot blaming Capelo!
    English players are overrated, all of then! (maybe except Gerard, Terry or Lampard) And Rooney you may ask?! Please, take a look at ManU, he only plays well in EPL and what happens when he plays against giants in Champions League?! Nothing happens, thats right, nothing…(ManU is just a ordinary time without CRon, no one there who makes the difference!)
    And EPL is not the problem, just take a look at Portugal, they have almost every players in the national team play abroad, their league is full of Brazilians and still as a very small country they manage to be in every single Euro and WorldCup…and do well! Oh, and look for their youth times, with Euro and World titles!
    Looking for answers?! Do you know where France and Spain copy their roll model for their youth nationals times?!

  5. Bawly says:

    Great tattoo, gonna get one of them tomorrow!!!!!

    Classy people, classy. Barry was awful, not sure what happened to him but I used to think he was good. I was wrong. Rooney didn’t show up, brutal player, Johnson-Not sure. Upson-Why?…. Milner was getting into it but was whipped off.

    Maybe now the English can see what players they have-Years of English maedia over-hyping players. They were found out. AWFUL TEAM

  6. Deckard says:

    This WC’s been absolutely pathetic and boring, but in the midst of that, last night I witnessed an absolute CLASSIC. Wow, it had it all, and the Germans are a pleasure to watch albeit hard to admit.

  7. temjin says:

    People shouldn’t crack on Capello, he works with what he has. And I don’t think that what he has is that bad. I really think that they could have been real contenders in this WC. But they got bogged down by the usual over-hype. I wasn’t enough to beat the opposition, it has to be “our lads beating the yanks, the krauts and all the other wogs and dagoes by the power of grayskull or something”. Other teams are also hyped in their homelands BUT THEY DON’T KEEP MAKING UP RIVALRIES AND DON’T THINK THE OPPOSITION ARE GOIND TO SOIL THEMSELVES AT THE MERE SIGHT OF A GOLD (red) STAR OVER THEIR BADGE. Someone quoted Mourinho in another comment in this article so here goes another (damned good) quote :
    “Players lose you games, not tactics.”

  8. Bawly says:

    Exactly, Capello is not the problem, he wasn’t even on the pitch. The players are shite and thats the fact of it. I wish I had half the confidence the English have. Who believes that they are a good team? No one only themselves. Who made them a good team? THEY ARE MUD.

    Capello to stay!

  9. Deckard says:

    Nevertheless, Capello did some really anal things. Like waiting until the last minute before naming his keeper for the USA game. Then dumping Greene like a sack of potatoes after his error when he should’ve given the lad the confidence so he could redeem himself vs Algeria. Which he would’ve done cuz Algeria posed no serious attacking threat whatsoever. A clean sheet would’ve done a lot for Greene in helping him get over his mistake.

    Gerrard on the left never worked. It’s a miracle he was England’s best player of the tournament despite playing totally out of position. Capello didn’t have the balls to drop Lampard when he was just as useless in the group stage as in 2006 with his million shots that went wide.

    Some say Rooney was the worst of all England player, based on what we expected of him, others say it was the hype and nothing else. It’s a bit of both. Yes England’s players got over-hyped, but at the same time the really big players can deal with any kind of pressure. Brazil prolly puts more pressure on it’s national side then any other country, yet they got 5 World Cups. I don’t buy the whole media destroy the players thing really. If players can’t handle the fact the tabloid ridiculously over-hype them, then don’t play for England.

  10. footy1969 says:

    England, forget you won the world cup 44 years ago, the falklands war is over and the world war is a distant memory. memories are good on a cold winters night.but rivalries can breed contempt ,so move on..if the other home nations cant make the finals, at least do us a favour and represnt England and Britian with a bit of pride and had quality players and a quality manager. the problem you have is the Big players in the squad, play for the top premiership sides and look good at club level..Big but though..these guys are scoring goals and defending or making great passes to 8 or 9 great/world class foreign players within there team..maybes time to look at the current set up..or you may not ever relive that feeling of being world champions for a few decades more..!!!!..
    Never believe your own hype.!!!..Here endeth the lesson…!!!

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