World Cup Photos: Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia – Dutch Yet To Spark, Presumably Will Lose To Brazil Next

Ollie Irish

29th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish


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A Netherlands fan in the stands

Goals by Arjen Robben and Wes Sneijder were enough to see the Netherlands make it into the last eight, where scary Brazil await. I’m far from convinced that the Dutch are good enough to beat Dunga’s very strong side, but with mercurial players like Robben (especially), Sneijder and Robin van Persie (poor so far in South Africa, admittedly) in the Oranje ranks, you can’t discount an upset in Port Elizabeth on 2 July. That said, surely Brazil will have too much strength and skill for, well, anyone in the tournament. In other words, I still stand by my pre-tournament prediction that Brazil will win the whole thing.

Slovakia, meanwhile, weren’t great but will look back with some satisfaction after a level-par campaign, especially in beating the 2006 winners, Italy.

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  1. Joe says:

    Virtually all of Holland’s players are better than their Brazillian equivalents-but then the same was true for England…

  2. trt says:

    hahaha, nice one Joe!

  3. Deckard says:

    Not it isn’t. Gerrard but especially Lampard are very one-dimensional midfielders. Ozil is simply a technical purist. Blessed with a gifted left-foot and more vision then Ballack ever showed in German shirt.

    Just cuz Holland haven’t played “their” kinda football this WC, don’t mean they’ll necessarily fall to Brazil. How much Brazilian flair have seen? by that logic Brazil have a serious chance to lose too cuz we’re seeing dull and inspiring stuff from them.

    Brazil have an excellent defence(which inclused Ceasar). So, if the Kanaries score first, it’ll be a long hard road for us. However, should Robben bag an early one like he did against Slovaks, I’d happily say we would have a serious chance. We’ll need to play the game of our live keeping Luis F, Kaka, and Robinho at bay, but if we all pull together it can be done. And I’ve been impressed with Stekelenbug.

  4. LittleLordFuantelroy says:

    ingerland is crap! love live ingerland!

  5. Joe says:

    On form, Lampard and Gerrard are better than Schweinsteiger and Ozil-that’s why they have been the star players for clubs that have finished in the CL last four consistently over the last five years. The thing is, unlike us (und ze germans), England have nobody to back their stars up if they are unfit. Which is why Rooney and Barry looked like geriatrics whereas we could allow Robben to heal and shine later.

    Like I said, man for man Holland are better (Brazil have players from the Greek and Turkish leagues in their 1st IX for Cruijff sakes), but we do tend to bottle it when the odds are stacked high-’74, ’78, ’98, 2008… I’ve got the sinking feeling that those yellow bastards will take us in extra time.

    Agree about Stekelenburg, though. If he ever leaves Ajax (still younger than VDS was when he did), he’ll be one of the bigguns.

  6. Deckard says:

    Don’t agree, on form Lampard and Gerrard can pass and shoot like no other. Put Ozil, and you can easily see that, is all about technique. He has flair and skills you don’t get from the England mids. The German can easily beat a man one on one or dart past several defenders as if they weren’t there. I can’t remember seeing Lampard doing that except against Wigan maybe. Gerrard has the ability to beat players one on one but usually it’s more him using his physical strength then anything else.

    Every time is a different time. We always bottled it in the past when it came down to it except for 88 but there’s always been good reason to think we might’ve gone all the way. And this time it’s no different. That’s how I’m seeing it. In 08 I think it’s kinda unfair to say we simply choked. There were a psychological reasons why that game came at the wrong time. In better form it would’ve been a closer game IMO.

  7. daniel4ing says:

    Holland – Brazil, 2-0 or 3-0 without having to play amazingly good again. Just wait and see…

  8. Joe says:

    Aaron Lennon can get past his man as well-doesn’t make him better than Lampard or Gerrard (or Ozil for that matter). But I agree that Ozil is a huge talent and I expect him to shine in the next couple of years, though being Germany’s top talent at the World Cup didn’t really do too much for Lukas Podlski (2 league goals at Koln last season)

  9. gopal says:

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  10. daniel4ing says:

    And as predicted, a win to the dutch.

  11. Swort says:

    We OWNED this one… Were still in the race..

    200 million people VS 17 million, and the last man won..;)

    Greetings from NL
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    vote for nl on my website..

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