World Cup Photos: Netherlands 2-1 Brazil – Dutch Comeback Stuns Selecao

Ollie Irish

5th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish


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A Brazil fan in the stands impersonates former player Ronaldo

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Well, I predicted Brazil would win the World Cup, so of course they haven’t won the World Cup – I’m more cursed than Nike, or that’s how it feels sometimes when it comes to predicting football matters.

That aside, why did Brazil lose to the Dutch really? It wasn’t because the Dutch were better, though they were lively in the second half. It was because of complacency, mostly – after going 1-0 up in the first half through Robinho (and what an amazing through ball to reach him), Brazil appeared to think it was job done, as if there was no possible way they could lose and not go on to fulful their World Cup destiny.

Some dodgy keeping by Julio Cesar, a bit of persistence by the men in orange, and then an act of gross stupidity by Felipe Melo put paid to Dunga’s side. For all Brazil’s excellent defensive displays earlier in the tournament, they folded when it mattered most.

Few Brazilians will miss Dunga, who has since been sacked because of the quarter-final defeat. His prosaic, somewhat joyless style of football was always difficult to love.

The Dutch haven’t exactly shone in this tournament but only Uruguay – minus key striker Luis Suarez (more on him later) – stand between them and a place in the final. They work hard (in the case of Dirk Kuyt, very very hard) and in Wesley Sneijder have a big-game player who can turn any match with a deft flick of his boot or head. I wouldn’t have picked them out as winners before the tournament – dark horses, as ever – but only Germany appear more confident.

I’d love to see a Netherlands v Germany final to echo 1974, only with the Dutch gaining revenge this time – and that’s a difficult call, as this year’s Germany are fantastic and admirable.

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  1. punterino says:

    You are complete shit when it comes to football, aren’t you? “oooh, Brazil are going to win!”. In your face, dumbass.

  2. Pedro says:

    To be fair, Brazil were completely dominant in the first half and basically lost the match against themselves. No one could have foreseen that (is it obvious that I was sure they would win it too?.

  3. Dutch fan for life says:

    I called this David – Goliath match weeks ago when they were destined to play.

    I was close with the score too. I said 3-1 Ned.

    Hup Holland HUP! Win the CUP!

  4. Deckard says:

    Holland got an early equaliser in the 2nd half and that rattled the Brazilians. From that moment on they looked scared, Holland gained the upper hand, but they still didn’t move into top gear. Robben was pathetic in this game, he did nothing right. Having said that, potentially, he’s a big game player. He hasn’t been decisive against a really big side at internationl level, nor at club I think – vs Lyon and Fiorentina but not Inter – but as I said, he has the ability to make the difference against any side. That’s why I still hope he’ll be the star of the show in one of the game or more that’s left in the tournament. It’d be almost ironic if he stood against Germany in the Final seeing he was by an overwhelming margin voted Bundesliga player of the season for 09-10.

  5. kritter says:

    Brazilians really just collapsed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. The fluke equalizer made them immediately forget how to play football, and they panicked like a team with that much class should never do. No mental strength at all. Really weak. Melo’s a chump; so glad Arsenal didn’t pull the trigger on that one.

  6. Deckard says:

    Fluke equaliser because JC went into no man’s land? Sneijder’s got one of the best shots in the game with either leg. It would’ve gone in hadn’t it glanced Melo’s head because JC was miles off. It weren’t no fucking fluke. Brazil had the chance to kill the tie in the first half but fucked it up. In fact, some of their players said after wards they didn’t think Holland were gonna score. Their stupid cockiness backfired superbly.

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