World Cup 2010 Final Photos: Netherlands 0-1 Spain – Iniesta Wins It In Extra Time

Ollie Irish

12th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Yolanthe Cabau van Casbergen (girlfriend of Wesley Sneijder) in the stands before game between Netherlands v Spain

That was rubbish. Especially from the dirty Netherlands, who can have no complaints about referee Howard Webb favouring Spain, when he generously chose to keep both Karate Kid Nigel de Jong and that c**t Mark van Bommel on the pitch. To blame the ref for the players’ cynical approach is disgraceful, frankly – how about players take some responsibility for their own actions? Yes, Webb made a couple of errors and dished out a ridiculous amount of cards, but almost all of them were justified.

Still, muted congrats to tiki-taka Spain. They were the most effective and talented team in the tournament, and I don’t think you can call them boring for wanting to pass the ball ad infinitum until an opening presents itself. That’s just very good football, if not as entertaining as much of the counter-attacking thrills offered by the likes of Germany and Uruguay.

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Anyway, that’s your lot! Sixty-four games in the bag and I can hardly recall five humdingers without a cheeky glance at FIFA’s website. It wasn’t a great World Cup (thanks, Mr Adidas), but it was colourful and fun and messy and all those things that make a month-long tournament so glorious. It sure beats one-day cricket and Wimbledon. Oh, and let’s agree to never follow England again. At least not until Euro 2012.

Many, many thanks for supporting Who Ate All The Pies in the last few weeks. Your support means a lot, really, and I hope we did the World Cup some justice with our coverage. You’re my guys (and gals). Now it’s time for another domestic season. I can’t forking wait…

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  1. Deckard says:

    Still, if I were Blatter I wouldn’t hire Webb again for a Final. Been talking bout it for hours on end after wards last night so I’ll keep it short. Spain deserved winners, congrats, life sucks, so close yet so far, but I don’t think we had a great enough side to win a WC. The 1998 team deserved it for sure, this one didn’t. Though had we won, I couldn’t have given a shit what anyone would be saying right now.

    And don’t worry, in 2012 I won’t be supporting England. Not so much that I’m not English, but I know they’ll choke again.

  2. J says:

    No, I thank you, Ollie. Great coverage as always. I expect to be reading this website in 30 years from here on.

  3. badr says:

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