Snapshot: Lionel Messi meets Mickey Mouse

Ollie Irish

10th, July 2009


Lionel Messi’s juggling skills impress the hell out of Mickey Mouse – what, hasn’t Mickey ever been to SeaWorld? [Photo by Kent Phillips/Disney via ABACAUSA.COM]
Messi was at the Florida resort yesterday to help promote the ‘Disney Cup Youth International Soccer Tournament’. Mickey was there because, er, that’s his job, to delight/scare small children.

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  1. Roger Martinez says:

    I fell in love with his skills since a saw him with under 20’s team. He is without a doubt the best player in the world. The most scary part is that he is in the developing mode still, that’s brutal!!! His demeanor conducting the ball around defenders is incredible, he is so, so soft and really almost no movements in his arms or big fanfarre with his body.

  2. alexis says:

    io boi a ir en el verano una vez mas

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