England Train At Vasil Levski Stadium Ahead Of Bulgaria Qualifier (Photos)

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2011


By Chris Wright

What do we have here? Why, it’s a gaggle of photos of the England chaps training at the Vasil Levski Stadium in Sofia ahead of their Euro 2012 qualifier against Bulgaria tonight…

Close eyes > hope for the best

Who knew the Suga Puffs Honey Monster was Bulgaria’s national emblem?

The Vasil Levski in all it’s glory

“Hey, you were ‘little spoon’ last time!”

“I told you John, you should’ve gone when you had the chance. You’ll just have to hold it.”

“After three, 3..2…1…and LUNGE!”

John Terry prances like a champ, and Leighton Baines knows it

No caption needed

“Hey Ash, feel that? The Terry love tap? You’re pregnant now”

When a Klingon collides with boiled ham – an artist’s representation

“Listen up boys, the starting XI tonight will be: in goal, David Stockd…ha ha ha, JOKING I AM!”

Photos: PA

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  1. Dick van Kundt says:

    f’ing hilarious captions, mate. Well done.

  2. Chris says:

    I see EBJT is still all about the eye-catching ~stockings~ look. Delicate, sensitive knees.

  3. Varun says:

    Why does England have a Lion as their emblem/symbol, 3 of them in fact, when there are no indigenous lions there to even begin with.

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