Egypt striker Amr Zaki: ‘I can’t play with an Algerian’

Ollie Irish

23rd, November 2009



Amr Zaki’s move from Zamalek to Portsmouth will not happen, according to the player himself – not as long as Pompey continue to employ Israelis (Tal Ben Haim and Avram Grant) and an Algerian (Nadir Belhadj).

“I refused their offer before, but now joining Portsmouth is no longer an option for me,” Zaki said on his official website.

“After Portsmouth signed an Israeli player and also hired an Israeli football director a possible move was ruled out. On top of that, no way could I play at Portsmouth with an Algerian within in their ranks.”

All together now: “Everyone’s a little bit racist, sometimes…”

Zaki’s startling admission is sure to do wonders for Egypt-Algeria relations, not to mention offending a substatntial number of Israelis.

Quite simply, there is no place in football for idiots like Zaki.

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  1. Davy says:

    What a complete and utter back eye…….

  2. says:

    Egypt striker Amr Zaki turns down Portsmouth because “I can’t play with an Algerian or an Israeli”…

  3. Chringle says:

    I’m pretty sure this is racism. Yep.

  4. Joe says:

    What a fool.
    1. Israel and Egypt are officially no enemies
    2. You shouldn’t mix politics and sports
    3. It was Egypt that tried to destroy Israel several times

    But it’s an old story with radical islamists

  5. Brent says:

    How long before he denies making these comments then? 24 hours?


  6. billa says:

    They are all semites – i.e. same race. Hence not racist – xenophobic maybe.

  7. kalezu says:

    xenophobic,semites, racist….call it what you like but the bottom line is he is a piece of shit and there should be no place for idiots like him in football

  8. Quincy says:

    Zamalek sucks, just like Zaki.
    Ahmed Hassan & Al-Ahly rule!!!

  9. kenneth says:

    kalezu, i like your statement. ppl like Zaki are not worthy to grease football at all. so @kalezu i stand.(there should be no place for idiots like him Zaki in football.)

  10. Early McTool says:

    i am relieved to learn that he won’t come (what a douche !)

  11. bosco says:

    you fuck belhadj good player you never play laik him .thats why wiggan they send you off in your country .you said portsmouth they contacte you .you fuck ‘in liar .any team in englend accepte you because u ar idiots stupitd .

  12. Ahmed says:

    CLOWN! I thought the idea was that professional athletes were supposed to set the example for peace?

    In a way, I am happy that he came out with this. Hopefully it has thrown away any chance he ever has of playing in Europe.

    “O Mankind!
    Most certainly, it is
    We who have
    Created you all
    From a single (pair)
    Of a male and a female,
    And it is we who
    Have made you into
    Nations and tribes,
    That ye may recognise each other
    (Not that ye may despise each other).
    Verily, the noblest of you
    In the sight of Allah
    Is (he who is) the most
    Righteous of you.”
    Holy Quran 49:13

  13. Nageh says:

    Zaki is now in Hull City and will help them back again. good luck Amr

  14. Jas says:

    I don’t think Zaki is a xenophobe (let alone anti-semite, he’s a semite himself).. There has been some recent tension between the Algerian and Egyptian side in football, due to some unfortunate events in final matches of world cup qualifications, which were exacerbated by some true xenophobic hooligans, which included things like flag burning (both sides), bible burning (algerian side, since egypt has a christian minority), etc.. and so it became a national issue, and Zaki cannot be blamed for this, as it was sort of a unanimous decision back then. This is all sorted out now, mostly. As to the Israelis part, most Algerians and Egyptians are united in this position (Belhadj being an exception), due to the never-ending Israeli Apartheid in Gaza, and the continuing colonization in the Arab (muslim & christian) parts of West-Bank and Jerusalem. Many Israeli top officials (and more former ones) have been sentenced for war crimes in tribunals court and have warrants issued for their arrest in many countries, including EU countries like Spain. Blame the Israeli government for its war-making policies, not Zaki. my 2 cents

  15. zackiy hosni says:

    hallo zackiy my name iz zackiy hosni im stying african kenya bt iwant to play footbol in egpty bt if u never mind

  16. stven says:

    i agree with zackiy

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