Insult To Injury: Luton Midfielder Cameron McGeehan Booked For Punching Pitch After Suffering Broken Leg

Chris Wright

3rd, January 2017



It would appear that sympathy was in short supply during Monday night’s League Two meeting between Portsmouth and Luton Town.

It was also a torrid night for Luton midfielder Cameron McGeehan, who left the pitch on a stretcher with just 15 minutes elapsed after suffering a broken leg in a challenge with Pompey’s Michael Doyle.

According to the Bedfordshire News, as the medical team struggled to load the writhing player onto a stretcher, the home fans began a rousing chorus of “You’re going home in a f**king ambulance”.

Then, quite literally adding insult to injury, McGeehan was shown a yellow card by referee Tim Robinson after the stricken 21-year-old punched the pitch in frustration.

Oh, and Luton also lost 1-0.

Unsurprisingly, speaking after the final whistle, Hatters boss Nathan Jones wasn’t best pleased:

One thing I will say, Portsmouth fans showed no class whatsoever, absolutely no class. That was an absolute disgrace,”

The kid’s a young boy, he’s a wonderful talent, he works hard every day and it’s a bad injury and Portsmouth fans showed what they’re about – an absolute disgrace in how they reacted, showed absolutely no class whatsoever.

Asked about the ref’s fabulous decision to book McGeehan for shattering his tibia, Jones was equally perplexed and incensed:

I think it was his reaction after, I don’t know, but surely an element of empathy or compassion has to be shown.

I don’t know [how long McGeehan will be out for], I can’t say too much now as we haven’t had the full diagnosis.

But we’ll just make sure he comes back safe so he’ll continue his progression.

At the minute, it’s just a real, real, real travesty for the kid more importantly but also for us.

Yep. The season of goodwill is officially over.

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  1. The truth says:

    No. It was you’re going home in a Portsmouth ambulance. Of course your version is made up to sound worse.

  2. Si says:

    @ The Truth – if you were one of the people singing that disgusting chat, I hope that your family dies in a house fire. You know, just for the bantz. LOL. Idiot. If you said something like that in work, you would be fired, so I trust that each “fan” is singled out and banned.

  3. Grzegorz Dockal says:

    he silly, he break leg for no reason. we boo because we want to. he in our stadium. our rules. Pompi!!

    • True fan says:

      Oh well if they decide on bans guess your name will be top of the list. What a muppet no player deserves a broken leg

  4. ActuallyThere says:

    It doesn’t really matter, but it was “Pompey ambulance”.
    I was there and no, I didn’t sing it, or boo, or anything else towards him.
    He may well be a good player, but he certainly didn’t show it in this game.
    He had already had a long talking to by the referee in the first 10 minutes because of his tackling and bad attitude, but he didn’t seem to take any notice.
    A minute or so before the incident, he left his boot in on a late tackle on the left back and in the actual incident itself, he was late again and certainly the aggressor in the challenge.
    It’s sad he’s broken his leg, but when it’s his own fault it’s hard to feel too much sympathy.
    Bottom line is that if you act like a petulant child, people are going to react to it.
    Hopefully he’ll learn from this.

  5. Jose says:

    Portsmouth is a disgrace. And they are where they are because they are shit. But the referee giving a yellow card… I just don’t understand.
    My guess is, in 10 years time, everybody will be gay.

  6. IWasThere says:

    He spat at and abused the Portsmouth ambulance staff, refused to get on the stretcher, took off the leg brace after it was put on him and put his middle finger up at the Pompey fans in the Fratton End. “You’re going home in a Pompey ambulance” not “You’re going home in ******* ambulance”. As one of the other comments mentions he was already spoken to by the ref and dived in late on Micheal Dolye in this challenge. It was still not correct for the fans to do this, i myself was not one of the fans cheering or booing, but when a player does this there is bound to be a reaction.

  7. Captain Fantastic says:

    Video, or it didn’t happen. I need the Lulz.

  8. Bob says:

    I heard that he also drop-kicked a kitten on the way out. Which entirely validates the behaviour of the Portsmouth fans.

  9. PerfectlyPreserved says:

    Will nobody think of the poor punched pitch? For those that were there, how much injury time did the ref add on for turf-related injuries? Does the pitch now have to wear a grass mask?

  10. Archer says:

    This lads got previous as well – just seen a YouTube clip of him with a shin-high (late) challenge on a Angel DiMaria when he was playing for Cambridge Utd vs Man U in the FA Cup. Whilst I don’t wish an injury like that on anyone, karma seems to be the appropriate phrase here.

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