Portsmouth Defender Christian Burgess Jokingly Invited To Under-12s Training Session After League Two Match Frozen Off – Lo And Behold… (Photo)

Chris Wright

22nd, January 2017



With his League Two game against Crawley Town postponed due to a frozen pitch, Portsmouth defender Christian Burgess suddenly found himself at a loose end on Saturday afternoon.

Indeed, the 25-year-old centre-half put a plea out on Twitter in a desperate attempt to find something to do…

Asking more in hope than expectation, a plucky youth team coach by the name of Will Chitty answered Burgess’ tweet with an offer to help him oversee an Under-12’s training session down on the local park…

Amazingly enough, the answer was ‘yes’…

Lo and behold…


Photo via: @FootyAccums/Twitter

After his VIP guest turned up out of the blue to make an appearance at the session, Chitty shared his immense gratitude – thanking Burgess for dropping by and making his young team’s day…

Ain’t that just smashing?

Nice to see a professional footballer mucking in at grass roots level without having to be mandated by his club, too.

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  1. Simon Mollick says:

    My son was at training today with Burgey! What a gent he is. Really class act and a real role model to the youngsters. He’s also a bit of a stud i reckon so i know i don’t want him anywhere near my wife, 38 or my eldest daughter, 20.

  2. Ron says:

    First of all, this guy is awesome for going down to the U-12 practice. Those kids will remember that for the rest of their lives, and it was so simple for him to do it. Love it!

    Secondly, he’s even more awesome…if he hadn’t gotten the invite, he’d have joined the women’s march. NICE! I’m an American and it’s absolutely disgusting that vile, lying, bigot, misogynist is the president. We need more and more celebrities, athletes, artists, musicians, actors, famous people, powerful people, and people with money speaking out against these fascists that are making it into office. Our only hope is that he doesn’t make it four years.

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