Top Three Cricket Video Games

Paul Sorene

1st, July 2013


Top Three Cricket Video Games

Summer’s coming and that means one thing – sport! As a quintessential English game, cricket is always going to be a feature of the British summer and here we look at the top three cricket video games for those who want to brush up on their skills from the comfort of their own home.

1. Ashes Cricket 2013

Everyone’s favourite cricket rivalry heats up in this authentic and fast-paced sporting simulation. The game’s designers have gone all-out for realism this year, including a new ‘live pitch’ system which adjusts the weather and lighting as the game goes on to ensure players adapt their tactics to stay one step ahead.

It’s also got some excellent commentary from real-life stars Mark Nicholas, David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd and Australian favourite Michael Slater.

2. International Cricket 2010

Although this is a slightly older title, it’s stood the test of time quite well so deserves a spot on our list. Introducing a new ‘action cam’ system, this online simulator is packed with features that gamers will love (such as the quick-tournament modes that let you try for the Champions Trophy and the World Cup).

Officially licensed by the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia, the game features 21 stadiums and 16 playable nations to give it strong sporting credentials.

3. International Cricket Captain 2012

Continuing its reputation as the number-one cricket management game, International Cricket Captain 2012 takes an overwhelming approach to detail and realism. Its database of international players is truly without match as the recent additions of the new format Australian and English twenty-over leagues and the new Indian twenty-over league mean it now features over 4,000 international players.

With online functionality, the game can easily be played with friends; although its updated AI makes playing alone enjoyable too.

Practice your skills for real

If you’re interested in doing more than just having a swing with friends, England fast bowling star Jimmy Anderson is teaming up with Strongbow’s EARN IT campaign to give players a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test their skills for real with this  Strongbow Challenge.

Ten lucky finalists who enter via the Strongbow site will be invited to take part in the EARN IT training day where a top coach will help them prepare to take on England’s 300-wicket taker. One lucky winner will then have the chance to step up to the wicket and face Anderson at a famous cricket ground later this summer.

If you’re interested in the Strongbow cricket challenge, just head over to their website and enter.