Get Behind Davina’s Dash: Support The TV Host’s BT Sport Relief Mission

Paul Sorene

13th, February 2014


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WHEN the PR firm told us that shouty Davina McCall was running away for charity. We thanked them. And then we learnt that DAVINAAAHHH! would, if things went to plan, be coming back. Do not be downcast. Be joyful and supportive. It’s all part of Davina’s push for BT Sport Relief. Challenge: Davina – Beyond Breaking Point features the TV host running, swimming and cycling over 500 miles from Edinburgh to London.

It’s a gargantuan effort.

(It’s thought that the swimming element was added only after the torrential rain created inland islands. Davina is game. She will adapt to whatever hurdle is in her path. She must reach London, it being, after all, where all the good media work is.)

Davina’s Dash starts in Edinburgh on Saturday 8th February and should end in London on Friday 14th February.

You can send her a cheery message on the Twitter hashtag #Davina. 

And you should follow her every aching step here.

And that is not all.

BT has handed the Speaking Clock to Davina’s control. Her voice will chime life’s tocks and ticks from Monday 27th January until the 23rd March, during which period BT will donate 10p to Sport Relief for every call made to the BT Speaking Clock from a BT landline. BT is also declaring Thursday 13th February ‘Dial for Davina’ day, where BT will donate 1p to Sport Relief for every call made from a BT home phone line, BT business line as well as every call made from a BT payphone (kids, ask your parents what they are).

But what you really need do is to sponsor Davina. It’s for charity, readers. Do a good deed and make a positive difference to someone’s life here.  

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