Harry Redknapp Admits To Being ‘Compulsively’ Addicted To Feeding Birds, Blows £2,000-A-Year On Sunflower Seeds

Chris Wright

16th, December 2013


By Chris Wright

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And, no, that’s not a euphemism. Harry Redknapp, QPR manager and sainted national treasure, has a secret shame. The man, by his own admission, is completely and habitually addicted to feeding birds and has confessed that he spends thousands of pounds a year in order to satisfy his squalid ornithological dependency.

‘Arry told the Daily Mail:

“I’m a compulsive bird feeder. You’ll see me out in the dead of winter at 5am, filling up our feeders and tables.”

“We have about 30 and I can easily spend 80 quid on bird food a fortnight in the pet shop. I won’t leave for work until I’ve fed them – I hate to think of them going hungry. Bit mad, innit?”

Now Redknapp is famously ‘iffy’ when it comes to the particulars of his expenditure, but £80’s worth of sunflower seeds a fortnight equals an annual spend of a shade over £2,000 once extrapolated.

The man obviously needs help and fast, before he becomes just another bird feed-related statistic.