Snapshot: Lionel Messi In Tears After Copa Del Rey Final Defeat

Chris Wright

5th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

This lo-res candid photo is doing the rounds today after being released into the wild by Barcelona’s official club photographer, one Miguel Ruiz.

It shows a distraught Lionel Messi, alongside the void Andres Iniesta and the thoroughly knackered Javier Mascherano, struggling to stave off the waterworks after Barca’s last-minute 1-0 defeat at the hands of Real Madrid in last year’s Copa Del Rey final (e.g, the one Sergio Ramos dumped under a bus)…

Aww. Bless his little cotton socks.

Speaking of Messi, despite not being on the teamsheet three hours before kick-off due to illness, the wee chap shrugged off a bout of the flu to make a 30-minute cameo against Osasuna last night. Therefore he only managed to score twice…

Image via Dirty Tackle

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  1. mojojojo says:

    how was this not 50-0?

  2. Tom Jones says:

    LOL @ crybaby

  3. McRico says:

    Thats probably the hGH side effects

  4. nat says:

    Gotta love the man’s hunger. He wants everything, and badly too.

  5. unitedFixation says:

    Its not really hunger … its emotion … he feels an emotional connect with the club .. can’t see him leave ever.

    Hunger is what Cristiano Ronaldo displays. And badly too.

  6. BarcaMessi says:

    Exactly its very emotional for the king messi to see ghis barcelona lose. he will always keep barcelona in the number 1 position. and Messi is the best footballplayer of all time he have shown that for a long time. I love you the king Messi and barcelona you will alwyas win and you will always be the king

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