‘I Look In The Mirror And I Like What I See’ – Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Some Incredibly Unsurprising Things About Himself

Chris Wright

26th, February 2018

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Having spent a career transforming his body from that of a scrawny adolescent into the creosote-coated Adonis we see today, Cristiano Ronaldo is now comfortable within his own skin.

We know this because, A) Ronaldo is quite obviously besotted with his own image, B) He is prone to removing his outer clothing at any given opportunity and, C) He’s happy to tell us, all the time.

As part of an interview with the Desimpedidos Youtube channel, the Real Madrid man once again professed his undying love for himself all over again during a brief chat about the nature of self-confidence.

Apart from being handsome, I think you have to like yourself. Having self-esteem, you have to give yourself value.

I’m not going to say I look like a Prince, but you have to like yourself.

I look in the mirror and I like what I see, and I like to look at myself, of course.

Of course.

Fair play to the bloke, we suppose. Ron has sunk countless hours into honing his hewn musculature over the years.

That said, we dare say Pies have pumped several times more money and man-hours into achieving our own signature ‘body that lager and empty carbohydrates built’ physique over the years, and with far, far more girth to show for it.

Now that’s real commitment. Just saying.

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1 Comment

  1. Priscilla van der Winkel says:

    I worked with Cris back in the ’80s he was lovely then and he’s lovely now. A real pleasure

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