Which Premier League club’s assistant manager thinks his team has a better squad than Real Madrid?

Ollie Irish

19th, June 2009

hasbro-guess-who copy.jpg“If you look at our squad and Real Madrid’s squad, even with Ronaldo and Kaka there, which one would you rather have?
“I know which one I’d rather have, all day long, and that’s without us even ­buying anyone new. Our squad is far stronger. I don’t think our squad lacks anything. We certainly don’t need to spend lavishly. I think the squad just needs refreshing.”

Take a guess. Answer after the jump:

Have a point if you guessed Ray Wilkins, Chelsea’s assistant coach.
Wilkins also claimed that going to Real was something of an easy way out:

“Our league is the best league in the world, but are some of these players taking the slightly softer option in going to Real and staying somewhere where they know?”

One-eyed stuff from Butch, perhaps, but no one can deny that Chelsea has excellent players who would improve Real’s squad: Michael Essien, John Terry, Alex and Frank Lampard, to name just four.
Whose squad do you think is better?

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