Football Art: Freelance Illustrator Edward Mund Caricatures 60 Greats Of European Football (Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, October 2015



What you see above you is the work of freelance illustrator Edward Mund – the brains behind Dotmund – in which he charts 60 of the greats of European football from 1956 onwards.

We’ve split the ensemble in half and blown it up here to give you a better look at the cracking caricatures on offer…



Ribery. So harsh! Nevertheless, some absolutely outstanding work there.

There is plenty more to peruse and buy over at Edward’s online Redbubble gallery, so feel free to toddle over there should you feel the compulsion.

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  1. Vasko says:

    I’m a big fan of Ruud “Giraffe” Gullit and Hristo Stoichkov’s alcoholic homeless man look.

  2. Stefano says:

    Realy uninspired, like a 10 seconds Montmatre-cartoonist. Lothar Matthäus, just one example? Please…
    (Gullit made me laugh though!)

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