Retro Football: ‘Table Of Shame’ Shows Ticket Prices For Inaugural Premier League Season, 1992/93 (Photo)

Chris Wright

17th, November 2016



The BBC have once again published the results of their annual ‘Price of Football’ study, which largely serves to prove that periodically raffling off visceral organs is the only way most fans can afford to watch their team play anymore.

That said, this year’s study has found that almost two-third of ticket prices across the UK have either been frozen or reduced – proving, at least in part, that some club’s are trying to address the spiralling cost.

Not that price hikes are anything new, of course – as can be seen in the following ‘Table of Shame’, taken from a 1992 edition of Shoot magazine.

Indeed, one look at the jump in ticket prices brought about by the introduction of the Premier League in 1992/93 shows that club’s have never been afraid to stick an extra percentage point (or 50) on the price of admission…


Photo: @90sfootball/Twitter

£22 to get in through the turnstiles at Wimbledon? Watching Vinnie Jones, Warren Barton and Peter Fear in their prime obviously came at a premium.

Funnily enough, as per the Price of Football study, Ipswich still offer the most expensive season ticket in the Championship at £842 – which is actually dearer than the most expensive season ticket at 12 Premier League clubs.

The more things change, etc, etc…

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  1. Liquid Liam says:

    I like how Wimbledon and Palace charged different prices for the same stadium

  2. ron says:

    It’s the same in the U.S. I don’t care enough about the NFL, NBA, or MLB to pay the insane price for tickets. I’m confused by the people who do. I got to a few NHL games a year, but it is because my manager gives them to me for free.

    There are far better things that’ll last more than 2-3 hours that I choose to spend my disposable income on.

    I like the Premier League and went to an Arsenal game when I was in the UK, but really have no interest in spending gobs of money to watch sports. I mean, with a full time job, a wife, and a child…any free time I have I’d rather being playing soccer myself, not watching it.

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