England V Germany In Pictures: A Story Of Hurt And Ecstasy

Paul Sorene

24th, June 2010


Paul Sorene

GERMANY and England contested their first full international in May 1930 – the game ended 3-3. Germany would not beat England until 1968. Up to then England had won eight games on the bounce. 1968 was a watershed moment. Germany would go on to contest five World Cup finals (two wins) and 6 European Championships finals (three wins). In that time, England have had two semi-final defeats to… Well, you know who to.

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But it is not all grim for England. Since 1968, England and Germany have met in either the European Championship or World Cup on nine occasions. Germany have won five times (twice on penalties). England have won twice. And there have been two draws.

It’s close. Closer than you might think. Presenting a rivalry in pictures:

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Not England's finest hour and a half - 1938 and all that

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Well, a lot of athletes gave the Hitler salute during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. While it seems shocking, it wasn’t done out of any greater political decision making.

  2. Ste says:

    Well, Montesquieu, imagine an ordinary German would have said that.

  3. Andrew J Chandler says:

    Not sure the athletes in 1936 were told they had to salute, like the English footballers were, or that many of them did. Jesse Owens certainly didn’t! There was a lot of politics behind it, including the tragic story of the world-beating Austrian team and its world-class centre-forward, who refused to play for ‘the New Germany’. Guess what happened to him. It’s been documented in ‘Fascism & Football’, which I think is a BBC TV programme.

  4. Macca says:

    Aston Villa FC (being England’s most famous club) were also invited to play Germany in a similar high profile series of friendlies in 1938. To a man, their players went against FA orders and refused to salute.

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