Europa League: Celtic Fans Post Hilarious Responses To Threats From Knife-Wielding Fenerbahce Ultras (Photos)

Chris Wright

29th, August 2015



After the two teams were drawn together in the Europa League group stage yesterday afternoon, Fenerbahce fans wasted no time in attempting to intimidate their Celtic-supporting counterparts – as is their ridiculous wont.

As soon as the balls were out of the bag, so to speak, Celtic fans were inundated with this kind of knife-toting nonsense…


However, instead of cowering in fear as intended, Celtic fans responded by mercilessly taking the piss.

Adopting the old Crocodile Dundee maxim, Bhoys fans retaliated by posting photos of themselves wielding various items of household miscellanea under the hashtag #thatsnotaknife…


Excellent stuff, and the only rational response to such flagrant buffoonery.

(Via via @TheCelticWiki)