Celtic Politely Remind Fans Of ‘Need To Wash’ After Complaints Made About Dodgy Personal Hygiene At Parkhead

Chris Wright

16th, September 2015



Perhaps as a direct result of the pungent green gas they are known to emit, it would appear that Celtic fans have been warned by the club about maintaining their personal hygiene levels after several complaints were lodged about pernicious odours clouding the stands at Parkhead.

Celtic have written to their fans to remind them of the “need to wash” before attending matches, as per an official-looking letter that has been circulating on social media.

According to the Independent, every season ticket holder in the main stand has been sent the following polite reminder…


The letter was instantly written off as an internet hoax, but the man supposedly responsible for writing it – Celtic’s supporter liaison officer, John Paul Taylor – appeared to confirm that the image is genuine before subsequently deleting his Tweet…


If you ask us, something smells a little off about the whole palaver – though that could just be the Celtic fans, of course.

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  1. Jarren says:

    Reminds me of back home in Belfast. Some loyalist protestants would say that using deodorant on top of an unwashed body was a “fenian shower”.

    And yes, you guessed it, some republican catholics would say it was an “orange shower”.

    Hey, we’re all stinkin’.

  2. Not Jello Biafra says:

    Years ago I saw the Exploited perform in a basement venue, and it seemed that only those who HADN’T bathed for a MONTH were allowed in, myself excluded, of course. It was the most dangerous show ever. Good times!

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