Evander Sno Suffers Suspected Heart Attack During Ajax Reserve Game

Chris Wright

14th, September 2010

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By Chris Wright

Former Celtic and Bristol City midfielder Evander Sno is currently in hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack during the 63rd minute of an Ajax reserves game yesterday.

Medical staff spent a frantic ten minutes trying to revive Sno with a defibrillator whilst still on the pitch, after the 23-year-old collapsed during the tie with Vitesse Arnhem’s second string.

Ajax coach Albert van der Dussen described the incident to AD;

“At first I thought he stumbled, but very quickly everyone realised there was something seriously wrong due to the foam around his mouth. Fortunately our doctor and physio were there quickly.

They have performed an heroic act and saved his life. They gave him the defibrillator three times. We feared for his life, he was very lucky.”

After he regained conciousness, Sno was then rushed to the hospital in Arnhem, where he is now said to be in a stable condition and responding to the doctors – according to a brief statement on the Ajax website.

All the best big man.