Aberdeen’s Darren Mackie Is Meldrum Primary School’s Reading Champion, Except He Doesn’t Read Books

Alan Duffy

4th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

It is all too easy to get snobby and sneer at footballers about their (usual) lack of a high-level education. And too often that sneeriness is borne out of nothing but jealousy at the fact they get paid shed-loads of money for simply playing football. Still, in the case of poor old Darren Mackie of Aberdeen, it’s hard not to giggle.

The 29-year-old, with his heart undoubtedly in the right place, volunteered to be a local school’s reading champion. Except he doesn’t read books himself, only “magazines about cars, health and general interest”.

“My favourite book is Lord of the Rings although I haven’t read the book I have watched the films, ” he says.

Jesus wept! Couldn’t he just have lied??