Sebastian Giovinco (Squad No. 12) Scores 12th Juventus Goal In 12th Minute Of Second Half On 12/12/12 In Juve’s 12th Home Game Of The Season

Chris Wright

14th, December 2012


By Chris Wright

On Wednesday night, wee Sebastian Giovinco prodded home the only goal of the night which saw Juventus squeeze past Cagliari – a goal which saw the Bianconeri maintain their place at the summit of Serie A and which also bought about the end of the world… or something like that.

Wearing the no. 12 shirt, Giovinco scored in the 12th minute of the second half, notching his twelfth goal for the club on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the year of our Lord, 2012, in Juve’s twelfth home game of the season…

If you need us, we’ll be in our bunker.

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  1. JayJay says:

    Excellently written!On another strange coincidence – his nickname is ATOMIC Ant!! (From the Cartoon Character)…and what with all this business with N.Korea and possible Atomic Weapons, with them launching a ‘Satellite’ last week, it’s a bloody minefield for them thar conspiracy theorists!lol. See y’all on 22nd December people :)

  2. Daysit says:

    @JayJay: Lets up the ante here…..This all happened to a club Juventus FC which is in Turin right. Thus the connection of the Turin Shoroud!….The Sins of All Man Cometh on 12th December 2012!With lickle Seb Giovinco as the indicator!Mind blown by these facts!lol #TheMayans

  3. Vimes says:

    And 666 x 2 is…1332 – bugger!

  4. Daysit says:

    *Turin Shroud

  5. Terry Shedingham says:

    Well aren’t you just a bunch of Grassy Knollingtons.

  6. Haha, the commentator is going on about Arsenal vs Bradford at the start.

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