Juventus: Diligent Striker Paulo Dybala Strengthening Weak Foot By Writing With It

Alan Duffy

26th, May 2017

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With the Serie A title and the Coppa Italia already in the bag, Juventus can make it an incredible treble next week when they face Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Paulo Dybala has been one of the stars of the Old Lady’s fantastic campaign. However, the left-footed striker is still keen to improve, going to rather impressive lengths to become a more two-footed player.

Speaking to Italian publication Il Venerdì, Dybala explained that in order to strengthen the control he has over his weaker right foot, revealing that he regularly tries to write with that very foot.

He said:

I’m left-handed, I even brush my teeth with my left hand.

I take a pen every day and I try to write, but with my right foot, I put it between my big toe and the little one.

I work like a crazy person to have more sensitivity and ability. Not just that, I also train with my eyes; to see further, in different directions, to anticipate my opponents and see trajectories.

Impressive dedication there! Maybe he should start signing autographs with his foot?

I smell a football-based remake of the Daniel Day Lewis eighties’ Oscar-winner My Left Foot.

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1 Comment

  1. Hugo says:

    This little fella would be the perfect signing for Manchester United. And Toni Kroos.

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