‘They Are Two Academics In Their Field’- Harvard University Coach Perfectly Fine With Letting Chiellini And Bonucci Lecture On Art Of Defending

Chris Wright

25th, October 2018

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A member of the Harvard University sport faculty is giving serious thought to the idea of letting Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci deliver a lecture on the art of defending.

The suggestion was made – somewhat flippantly – by Jose Mourinho after watching the Juventus duo keep his Manchester United attack at arm’s length in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

However, Francesco D’Agostino, who is assistant coach of the Harvard football (i.e. soccer) team, is tempted to invite both Chiellini and Bonucci along to the campus to share some insight into their defensive methodology.

I’ve thought about [asking them]! Chiellini should teach a medical doctorate. His nose, which has been broken a thousand times, could be donated to science.

For Bonucci, a psychology class. That Juventus-Milan-Juventus journey risks causing a split personality.

Joking aside, I agree with Mourinho, they’re two academics of the defence. If they could see them up close, my team would concede fewer goals.

Okay, maybe our friend D’Agostino isn’t being entirely serious, but we simply won’t let you ruin Pies’ fantasy.

“Oh captain, my captain!”

(Quotes via Football Italia)

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