Prepare For A Passgasm: Barcelona Breeze Through Incredible ‘Piggy In The Middle’ Training Drill (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

This dates back to March so the chances are that you may have seen it before, but it’s new to us so we’re sharing. What you’re about to see is Barcelona going through a blisteringly quick ‘Rondo’ drill (‘Piggy in the Middle’ to the Anglicans among you) at an open training session at Wembley.

Be warned, you may want to find something to bite down on…

Mind: blown. Pum-pum-pum-pum indeed. Just compare that with England’s plod-plod-plod-plod performance against Poland the other night. It’s like watching a completely different sport.

The sad truth is that if England tried to maneuvre the ball at this speed, it’d probably bare a depressingly close resemblance to Peter Kay’s ‘Have it!’ John Smiths advert.

(Via BBC Sporf)