Four Minutes Of Sublime Juan Roman Riquelme Footwork In Slow Motion (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

We’re knee-deep in the post-deadline day/pre-international lull at the moment and things are crawling to a stand-still on the football frontier, so, aptly, we thought we’d help pass a slow day by watching a silken technician at work in beguiling slow motion.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Juan Roman Riquelme and his fancy feet..

Didn’t that just warm your cockles?

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  1. Hootie says:

    An absolute genius. Too bad he and Manuel Pellegrini hated each other so much he left Europe prematurely.

  2. peters says:

    absolutely ridiculous… I always tried to sign him in CM01/02 from Boca

  3. Wim Doomed says:

    Thank you Pies, for this. I loved watching him play. Sure, he’d got no pace, hogged the ball as much as *that* kid at school we’ve all played with, but he had everything else. Sublime control, and that *vision*… he could’ve won the lottery every week.

    The real crime is that HD wasn’t around when Riquelme was in his pomp.

  4. Vecchia Signora says:

    The last true number 10

  5. TravisKOP says:

    shame him and maradona never got along when the 2010 world cup was around. couldve watched him one last time

  6. sonny says:

    Really talented for sure, but he never seemed vertical enough for his talent. Just give the damn ball away, man!

  7. Wilson says:

    If Riquelme was blessed with the speed to go with his sublime technique he would have been unstoppable. What a player, he was magical for Villareal.

  8. Marquino says:

    Great player for me the last 10 in the world, watching him playing is magnificient

  9. Whizz says:

    He looks pretty impossible to tackle, such upper body strength…

  10. Whizz says:

    One of the last true no.10s, a shame he never got to grace England or Italy in his career… i guess, he didn’t feel comfortable unless he was taking instructions in Spanish!

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